Freedom Pharmacy

I believe that the pharmaceutical industry is ripping all of us off. I think there is a better way. Why not create a new low-cost solution for all of our people?

Think about it. The State of North Carolina controls the price of every bottle of booze and mandates a license to go fishing. Why can’t we control drug prices?

I’m proposing the State of North Carolina create an on-line, non-profit, pharmacy called “NC Freedom Pharmacy” (NCFP) that provides low-cost prescription drugs via mail.

The NCFP would negotiate very strongly with all pharmaceutical companies for low-cost medications. If the pharma companies didn’t lower their prices, these deadbeat companies would not be allowed to provide medications at any pharmacy in North Carolina.

Any citizen in North Carolina could avail themselves of the NCFP and all state employees, teachers, school districts, firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement would be invited to participate.

The start-up cost would be paid for by the pharmaceutical companies that currently provide medications in NC. The NCFP would be controlled by a citizen board made up of citizens, not the pharma industry.

I believe health care is a right and you shouldn’t die because you don’t have access to proper medications. Let’s fix this problem with a new innovative solution.

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