David Wheeler for NC Senate • 47th District

David’s New Ideas

  • Eliminate pay and paid healthcare for all State Legislators until every NC citizen has proper healthcare
  • Withhold all pay for State Legislators until all NC workers are paid at least $15.00 per hour
  • Prohibit all State Legislators from cashing in on their public service by prohibiting them from lobbying for 10 years
  • Limit legislative sessions to 60 days per year unless an emergency arises;
  • Create a new district-wide “Faith is Alive in Western NC” initiative and summit to discuss key faith issues
  • Prohibit all State Legislators from making any money off of State projects while in office and for 10 years after serving
  • Require all State Legislators to hold two open town halls per year in their districts and disclose all of their sources of income, the bills they introduced and all of their state reimbursed expenses at these town halls
  • Provide relief from student loan debt for all students by the State of NC buying their debt and extending their payment periods or making other arrangements
  • Legalize and tax marijuana for recreational use and provide funds for small farmers to start new crops
  • Require all power related utilities to zero out coal emissions by 2030
  • Provide big tax and cash incentives for small business and home solar and wind power usage
  • Declare a statewide climate crisis and focus all state departments and agencies on reducing carbon footprint and waste
  • Eliminate state income taxes for any senior citizen over 65 years old and anyone who makes less than $50,000 per year
  • Eliminate income taxes for all small businesses with less than $250,000 per year in profit
  • Provide a State capital and expansion fund with very low-interest loans for small businesses, artists, and farmers
  • Eliminate drivers license renewal fees, vehicle tag fees and automobile property taxes for all senior citizens and anyone with less than $50,000 in income per year
  • Create a state-owned online pharmacy with mail delivery with highly discounted pharmaceutical drugs for our seniors, families, small business owners and employees, teachers, firefighters, law enforcement, artists, farmers, and state workers